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1. "They're so friendly and thoughtful... that's why I fly canadian"

2. "Where do they come from? Where do they go?"

3. ...a swift, comfortable flight away via Trans-Canada Air Lines

4. 4 Flights Daily to Toronto

5. Air Canada Giving business our best.

6. Canada

7. Canada's great wide West--for a Vacation Above Everything

8. Direct Service Across Canada

9. Direct Service Across Canada

10. Executive Class The Business Ticket. Air Canada

11. Extra Morning Flight allows whole day in Toronto

12. Fly Canadian

13. Fly TCA

14. Fly TCA For Longer Ontario Hunting!

15. Fly TCA to Europe

18. Home To Canada For Christmas

19. In 10 Years, 1,324 Non-Stop Flights New York to Toronto and all Canada

20. Iron two feet down