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3. Anatomy dissection kit, 20th century

4. Contemporary fetoscope, 20th century

6. Human skeleton model, articulated, 20th century

7. Laennec stethoscope, 20th century

8. Medical instruments, chiefly 20th century

9. Glass contact lenses, 20th century

10. Acupuncture model, People's Republic of China, 20th century

11. Shishikarimon-nishiki: Guardian Gods Hunting Lion, 20th century

12. Mochica medicine man, 20th century

13. William Tell overture

14. Old black Joe

15. Thunder and lightning polka; Unter Donner und Blitz.; Op. 324

16. Masked battery schottisch

17. Traumerei and Little romance; Op. 15; Revery

18. Famous ride of Tam O'Shanter

19. Notebook, 1956-1957; Sermons, 1919-1958

20. Under all conditions, women can rely upon...

21. Various Headlines from War Posters

22. Best You Can Buy!

24. Here's Hoping He'll Be Home By Next Christmas!

25. Loans

26. Charity, Cola (3 advertisements)

27. Seagram's 7 Crown

28. Enjoy Monarch Quality

31. Best You Can Buy!

32. Yes, YOU can help!

33. Various Headlines from Marine Posters

34. Help Him - Help yourself: Buy War Bonds - 10% Every pay Day

35. Various Headlines from War Posters

36. For Men Women and Boys

37. Various Headlines from War Posters

38. Eat at Manning's Coffee Cafe

39. Vote In "Our Home Town Boys"

40. Various Headlines from War Posters

41. Switch to RELIABLE COAL. For Victory - Conserve with IGNITO COAL

42. Buy Defense Bonds Stamps

44. Loans

45. After All, There's Only One...

46. Various Headlines from War Posters

47. Various Headlines from War Posters

49. Untitled

50. These Boys are giving their lives will you lend your savings? Buy W.S.S. 25(cents) starts you