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1. !Esta querra es SUYA!

2. "-and Butter-Nut Coffee of course"

3. "...And Worn With The Correct Sock Combination"

4. "...From Every Mountain Side Let Freedom Ring!"

5. "..don't tell Mother"

6. "A Glorious Victory..A Gran Brew" Iron City Beer

7. "A Minimum German Standard of Living in Relation to Industrial Disarmament and Reparatons," report by Hoover to German Standard of Living Board, 1945 Sept. 10


9. "Air-Spun" Make-up

10. "Be not the last to try the new"...a good rule

11. "Beautiful lips deserve a beautiful setting"

12. "But you've got to get here tomorrow!"

13. "Coke belongs"

14. "Company... Dismissed!"

15. "Did you ring, sir?"

16. "Even our little toe-headed Susan got a soft, golden tan_"

17. "Everyday--my best seller"

18. "Good to the last drop"

19. "Have a Marlboro!"

20. "Haven't baked in years"

22. "Howdy, neighbor!"

23. "I am going to put the post office on wheels"

24. "I can't afford to lose a week's salary- can you?"

25. "I lived in Milwaukee - I ought to know..."

26. "I'll be Home for Christmas!"

27. "I'm looking around for my boy"

28. "It Happens On Ice"

29. "It's F. N.-The Test For Men!

30. "It's a Cinch to Make"

31. "It's a Cinch to make"

32. "It's a Cinch"

33. "It's the prettiest, springiest, youngest shade"

34. "Maid" for busy housewives; Leaves a fragrance of the Pines; A better Household Cleaner

35. "Meds 'safety well' gives extra protection!"

36. "Meds internal protection is so comfortable!"

37. "Mom's sure an A-1 cook!"


40. "No Waste Words Make Long Story Short" Outdoor Advertising

41. "Oh boy - _what_ a beer!" NATIONAL BOHEMIAN

42. "Oh boy - _what_ a beer!" NATIONAL BOHEMIAN

43. "Oh boy - _what_ a beer!" NATIONAL BOHEMIAN

44. "Oh boy - _what_ a beer!" NATIONAL BOHEMIAN

45. "Old Ironsides" stood up throughout the war

46. "Pheasant Sandwiches! Holy smokes! Who'd ever believe it?"

47. "Reconversion..."

48. "Roger"

49. "Senora, a cup of Tropic sunshine for you"

50. "Senorita~ I drink to you!"