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1. "A great big bite."

2. "Ah, go hit a feller yer size!"

3. "Ain't she a beauty."

4. "Ders a stunt for yer."

5. "Election Night."

7. "Extra! Extra!!"

9. "George Washington plant bed fertilizer for tobacco"

11. "Get onto me spread de eagle."

12. "Get onto the Dude."

13. "Here's my Maud S."

14. "I didn't steal no apples, Mister."

15. "I save yer the core."

16. "I'm de Boss Whistler on the block."

17. "I'm de boss of de gang, you'se kin bet."

18. "Johannis" The King of Natural Table Waters

19. "Keep the pot a boilin."

20. "Leading The German."

21. "Let her go slow, Gallagher!"

22. "Line up, back there."

23. "Missus, lem'me clean it for a quarter?"

24. "Oh! I'm in the first class."

25. "Oh! If I ketch that rabbit."

26. "Out on first! How's that umpire?"

27. "Pilot": Ammoniated guano, special for tobacco

28. "Please come home at once, Dicky."

30. "Say Fellars, them's my new duds."

32. "Smoker" and refreshments, Fifth Ward Regular Democratic Club

33. "The Figure Eight."

34. "Watch him kick it."

35. "Watch me hit him- Watch him hit me."

36. "What a find! Six blades and bran' new!"

37. "Wid me one hand."

38. "You Gave Me Courage To Go Into Business for Myself"

40. $ 6.00 and $ 10.00 Kodaks.

41. $200 Reward for Stolen Bay Horse

42. $25 reward

43. $50 Reward!

45. $8.00 medical apparatus for $4.39, 3 current battery

46. 'Way down in Tennessee

47. 'Way down in Tennessee; Plantation reminiscence