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2. [Sermons on the Beatitudes (I-VIII)].

3. [Breviary in Greek].

4. [Homilies of Saints Gregory and Basil for the month of October].

5. [The Alexandra, with the commentary of Isaac and John Tzetzes].

6. 1̔η θεία λειτουργΐα του̃ ἐν ̔αγίοις π[ατ]ρ[ός] ̔ημών ̕Ιωάννου του̃ χρ[ησοσ]τομ[ου], κτλ.

7. [Homilies on the Gospel of John].

8. 1̔Οπως κύριος ̔ο θὲος ̔ημων στηρίξη̜ αὐτοὺς καὶ ἐνδυναμώσαι, κτλ.

9. [Homilies].

10. [Writings against the iconoclasts].

12. [Life of Abraham the Hermit].

13. [Selections from the Philokalia :works by Maximus the Confessor and Thalassius, Bishop of Caesarea].

14. Christian saint or scholar.

15. Fragment from a sīrah.

16. Fragment of a zikr.

17. Madonna.

18. [Olympian Odes].

19. [Liturgical miscellany].

20. [New Testament, Gospel Lectionary].

21. [Monk's Book, Liturgical directions and prayers].

23. Fragment from a copy of the Qurʼān.

24. A View of Venice

25. A View of Venice

26. [Liturgical miscellany].

27. [Commentary on the Song of Solomon, 1:1-6:8 by Michael Psellus].

28. Euratlas Historical Political Boundaries of Europe