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14. 30% off. 10% down.

15. 35 bucks down.

16. A Bigger Experience.

17. A Bigger Experience.

19. A la mujer que nunca ha volado.

22. A world away--yet so near by Clipper

24. AQUi, fala Americo Matos


27. Across the Pacific

28. Acuda al AeroMercadeo.

32. Algun dia?

33. Algun dia?

34. All it takes is 10 percent down...

36. All that's missing in HAWAII is you!

38. Allow us to re-orient you.

39. America. From sea to shining sea.

41. Announcing Pan Am's Service to Seoul.

42. Announcing Pan Am's Service to Seoul.

50. Beirut Hongkong Tokio