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1. Travellers in Ottoman Lands: the botanical legacy

5. [LATEST] University Committee By-Law (amended February 2017).pdf

6. [TEMPLATE] Resolution of Confirmation of a Nominee.docx

7. [TEMPLATE] Resolution, Organization Recognition_Charter.docx

8. [LATEST] SOFC By-Law (Spring 2018).docx

9. [LATEST] Judiciary By-Law.docx.pdf

10. Equity _ Outreach Project Update

11. Academic Affairs Project Update

12. DSGRU Application (last updated 2016).docx

13. Communications Team Guidelines.docx

14. Senate By-Law (amended November 2018).docx

15. House Rules (amended February 2018).docx

16. [TEMPLATE] Resolution.docx

17. [TEMPLATE] Budgetary Statute.docx

18. [TEMPLATE] Caucus Petition.docx

19. [LATEST] Affiliate By-Law (amended February 2017).docx.pdf

20. DSG Constitution (amended February 2017).docx