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1. Euratlas Historical Political Boundaries of Europe

2. Historic Digital Bills and Resolutions: 1789-2013

3. Peter M. Mull papers, 1862-1900

4. Olivia Cook slides: Gathering of young people, circa 1890-1960s

5. Olivia Cook slides: Man and woman on lawn, circa 1890-1960s

6. Olivia Cook slides: Woman sitting in field - friend of Ceola Mayo, circa 1890-1960s

7. Olivia Cook slides: Women's garden party, Roanoke, Virginia, circa 1890-1960s

8. Biographical/Historical Information

11. Margaret Nelson slides: Album page, 1896-1990

12. Margaret Nelson slides: Album page, 1896-1990

15. Gracia Dawson slides: Article on Dawson's trip, circa 1896-1992

17. Gracia Dawson slides: Article, "State Downs Tuskegee to Play for Title", circa 1896-1992

18. Gracia Dawson slides: Articles about basketball team, circa 1896-1992

19. Gracia Dawson slides: Boys' basketball team, circa 1896-1992