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1. "-and Butter-Nut Coffee of course"

2. "Can we get those blues from Memphis?"

3. "Daddy, let's go to Los Angeles!"

4. "Everyday--my best seller"

5. "George Washington plant bed fertilizer for tobacco"

6. "Good health and pure soap"--the simple formula for a beautiful skin

7. "Good to the last drop"

8. "How well you look!"

9. "Let's Both Keep That Schoolgirl Complexion"

10. "Look Daddy! I can make music, too!"

11. "Senora, a cup of Tropic sunshine for you"

12. "Senorita~ I drink to you!"

13. "Standard" Gasoline Always the Standard!

14. "The world's finest coffee--That's my opinion"

16. "Who'll buy my Lavender?"

17. "Yes sah! Star Brand Shoes are better"

18. "You Look Your Best in --- in a Hardeman"

19. "Your future is your own making"