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1. Juzʼ 13 of the Qurʼān.

2. [Apophthegmata Patrum], volume 1.

3. [Chants].

4. al-Qurʼān.

5. [Apophthegmata Patrum], volume 2.

6. 1̔ ̔Ερμογένους του̃̃ τεχνογράφου προγυμνάσματα.

7. Trephination kit, 18th century

8. Screw-barrel microscope, 18th century

9. Flea glass, 18th century

10. Surgical instruments in velvet-lined oak case, 18th century

12. Ecorche, 18th century

13. Various cupping jars, 18th-19th centuries

14. Three-blade folding fleam with brass shield, 18th or 19th century

17. Philip II, King of Spain, Naples, Sicilie &c. &c. &c

18. [Sentence of deposition against Parthenius IV Mogilalos and the Nomocanon].

19. Richard Arnold will and book of religious writings