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1. Air Canada Giving business our best.

2. Executive Class The Business Ticket. Air Canada

3. The Fast Way to All Canada and Europe, fly Trans-Canada Air Lines

4. On your way to the top Executive Class Air Canada

5. ...a swift, comfortable flight away via Trans-Canada Air Lines

6. Tot Ronto Air Canada Votre Pret-a-partir pour le succes

7. More Europe Daily

8. On your way to the top

9. Sans pepins

10. New direct service between Duluth-Superior and Port Arthur-Fort William

11. Starting July 1 New direct service Chicago-Canada

12. NOW fly the newest "Maple Leaf Route"

13. "They're so friendly and thoughtful... that's why I fly canadian"

14. "Where do they come from? Where do they go?"

15. Fly Canadian

16. Fly TCA

17. Iron two feet down

18. Toronto Fly T.C.A. The Direct Way

19. Direct Service Across Canada

20. To Meet War Needs