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1. Euratlas Historical Political Boundaries of Europe

2. Papers, 1776-1946

3. Historic Digital Bills and Resolutions: 1789-2013

4. 11 pairs of spectacles and eyeglasses

5. Eliza Wilson diary, 1854-1869

6. Peter M. Mull papers, 1862-1900

7. Correspondence, 1876-1959, undated

9. Atlantic Coast Line restaurants

10. Portraits, 1880s-1950s

11. Olivia Cook slides: Woman sitting in field - friend of Ceola Mayo, circa 1890-1960s

12. Olivia Cook slides: Man and woman on lawn, circa 1890-1960s

13. Olivia Cook slides: Gathering of young people, circa 1890-1960s

14. Olivia Cook slides: Women's garden party, Roanoke, Virginia, circa 1890-1960s

15. John W. Clinedinst papers

16. Biographical/Historical Information

19. Margaret Nelson slides: Album page, 1896-1990

20. Margaret Nelson slides: Album page, 1896-1990

21. Gracia Dawson slides: Picture of tennis team, circa 1896-1992

22. Gracia Dawson slides: Newspaper article, "Joe Louis Visits State Campus", circa 1896-1992

23. Gracia Dawson slides: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Watermann - Gracia's parents, circa 1896-1992

24. Gracia Dawson slides: Tennis team, circa 1896-1992

25. Gracia Dawson slides: South Carolina State College football practice, circa 1896-1992

28. Gracia Dawson slides: Collinwood High School - different angle, circa 1896-1992

29. Gracia Dawson slides: Sports review on basketball and football, circa 1896-1992

30. Gracia Dawson slides: Collinwood Championship article, circa 1896-1992

31. Gracia Dawson slides: Two unidentified men, circa 1896-1992

32. Gracia Dawson slides: Wedding photo - car, circa 1896-1992

34. Gracia Dawson slides: Articles about basketball team, circa 1896-1992

37. Gracia Dawson slides: Concurrent Resolution, another page, circa 1896-1992

38. Gracia Dawson slides: South Carolina State College basketball team, circa 1896-1992

41. Gracia Dawson slides: New York Alumni Ball and Dinner, circa 1896-1992

43. Gracia Dawson slides: Oliver and Gracia Dawson, circa 1896-1992

44. Gracia Dawson slides: Oliver Dawson and two other coaches, circa 1896-1992

48. Gracia Dawson slides: Tennis team on a trip, circa 1896-1992

49. Gracia Dawson slides: O. Dawson and two other men, circa 1896-1992

51. Gracia Dawson slides: Dawson standing by airplane, destination Miami, Florida, circa 1896-1992

52. Gracia Dawson slides: Different collage of newspaper clippings, circa 1896-1992

53. Gracia Dawson slides: Article on Dawson's trip, circa 1896-1992

54. Gracia Dawson slides: Group photo at Gracia Dawson's wedding, circa 1896-1992

56. Gracia Dawson slides: Oliver Dawson at South Carolina State College, circa 1896-1992

58. Gracia Dawson slides: Collinwood team, circa 1896-1992

60. Gracia Dawson slides: South Carolina State College football team, circa 1896-1992

63. Gracia Dawson slides: South Carolina State College Coronation, circa 1896-1992

64. Gracia Dawson slides: Article, "State Downs Tuskegee to Play for Title", circa 1896-1992

65. Gracia Dawson slides: Boys' basketball team, circa 1896-1992

66. Gracia Dawson slides: Marie and William James, circa 1896-1992

67. Gracia Dawson slides: Group of men in suits on steps, circa 1896-1992

68. Gracia Dawson slides: Collinwood High School - different angle, circa 1896-1992

69. Gracia Dawson slides: Team championship photo, circa 1896-1992

70. Gracia Dawson slides: Oliver Dawson and one other coach, circa 1896-1992

71. Marjorie Pajeaud slides: Ms. Pajeaud's father's first communion, circa 1899-1960s

85. Golden hickory smoked herring

86. American Writers Papers, 1903-1969 and undated

87. Publications, arranged chronologically

90. Miscellaneous historical prints: 12 prints, circa 1905-1950s

91. Biographical data, 1909-1982 and undated

95. Brenda Quant slides: Man and woman posed against crescent moon backdrop, 1900s-1950s

96. Brenda Quant slides: Two children standing with baby in high chair, 1900s-1950s

97. Brenda Quant slides: Two portraits of different women, sitting, 1900s-1950s

99. Brenda Quant slides: Woman in garden holding baby boy at her side, 1900s-1950s

100. Brenda Quant slides: Bottom two rows of small portraits of women and girls, 1900s-1950s