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1. Euratlas Historical Political Boundaries of Europe

2. Papers, 1776-1946

3. Historic Digital Bills and Resolutions: 1789-2013

4. 11 pairs of spectacles and eyeglasses

5. Pittsylvania Masonic Lodge No. 24 correspondence

6. Nannie Childress papers

7. James Jackson Davis papers

8. Eliza Wilson diary, 1854-1869

9. Henry Kyd Douglas papers

10. Peter M. Mull papers, 1862-1900

11. Cooper-Purefoy family papers

12. Vidette: Supplement to the La Grange

13. What difference does it make who is mayor?

14. Correspondence, 1876-1959, undated

15. Baseball To-day

16. Democratic speaking!

17. Favorite hymns of Melissa Jane Cox

18. From Trogdon & Co's new store on the cash & barter plan

19. Matchless mineral water!

20. New Shoe Store

21. Sergeant's "standard" mill and set works

22. Will soon close!

23. Card seeking sales agents

24. Dr. Howard's celebrated and infallible remedy for worms

26. Atlantic Coast Line restaurants

27. "George Washington plant bed fertilizer for tobacco"

28. Garden and fruit special fertilizer

29. Public land sale

30. Red jewel casket!

31. Wanted at once!

32. John W. Clinedinst papers

33. Biographical/Historical Information

34. Free protection against typhoid fever

36. Nursing can or mammele, late 18th-mid 19th century

37. Cleaner, prettier Durham. Grand cleaning up day

38. Don't go through life hitting on one cylinder. Hit on all!

39. Election ballot

41. Information wanted

42. Ovaltine Gives Health To Young & Old

43. United States Senator: A.A. Whitener

44. Drum microscope, first half of 19th century

45. Drum microscope, first half of 19th century

46. "-and Butter-Nut Coffee of course"

47. "Senora, a cup of Tropic sunshine for you"

48. "Senorita~ I drink to you!"

49. *Where in the world is there flavor like Butter-Nut "The Coffee Delicious"

50. *Where in the world is there flavor like Butter-Nut "The Coffee Delicious"

51. *Where in the world is there flavor like Butter-Nut "The Coffee Delicious"

52. *Where in the world is there flavor like Butter-Nut "The Coffee Delicious"

53. 20 Times Sterilized just say Northern Tissue

54. 32 slices in every loaf!

55. A much Softer, whiter bathroom paper

56. Agreed --its flavor is incomparable

57. Agreed- a taste all its own Butter-Nut The Coffee Delicious

58. Distilled by the famous old Mistletoe Process

59. Harvey Poster Advertising Company

60. Headlight Union Made Overalls

61. Ideal for Sandwiches

62. Keep Cool with Butter-Nut Iced Tea

63. Made from the smae material as softest rayon

64. Outdoor Poster and [unreadable] Advertising

65. Outwear tow ordinary pair Headlight Union Made Overalls

66. Ovaltine for sound, natural sleep without drugs

67. Paris Garters No Metal can touch you

68. Pleasing and Modern Color Effects

69. Say "Peter Pan" to your grocerman!

70. Snappy!

71. Snappy!

72. The Beer of the Year

73. The Good Old Standby

74. Where in the world* is there flavor like Butter-Nut "The Coffee Delicious"

75. You will admire the home paint with Acme Quality

76. [Harvey] Poster Advertising Company

77. Golden hickory smoked herring

78. "Everyday--my best seller"

79. "Good to the last drop"

80. "The world's finest coffee--That's my opinion"

81. "Yes sah! Star Brand Shoes are better"

82. $ave $ilk $tocking$--Wash Daily With American Family Flakes

83. A Better Hat for $6

84. A millionaire can serve no better butter!

85. Always Mild and Safe for Baby's Skin

86. America's Cup Coffee--Pleases as Only a Superfine Blend Can Please

87. Be Cozy; Line your ome with Balsam-Wool (It Tucks In)

88. Boy, You'll Never Even Get Near Me!

89. Choose From 15 Delicious Varieties of Hubigs Honey-Fruit Pies--Famous!

90. Delicious with milk; The Health Biscuit

91. Don't Catch Cold--But if You Do

92. For Rugged Service!

93. For Unlimited Service!

94. For dinner tonight

95. Gee Mother, I'm Sure Strong for This! Toasted Bran Flakes and California Raisins

96. Good to the Last Drop

97. Good to the Last Drop

98. Good to the Last Drop

99. Heap Fine on Flapjacks! A Different Blend of Cane and Maple

100. Heap Good! A Different Blend of Cane and Maple