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4501. Sermon notes, circa 1930s-1960s

4502. Sermon notes, circa 1930s-1960s

4503. Sermon notes, circa 1930s-1960s

4504. Sermon notes, circa 1930s-1960s

4505. Sermon notes, circa 1930s-1960s

4506. Sermon notes, circa 1930s-1960s

4507. Sermon notes, circa 1930s-1960s

4508. Sermon notes, circa 1930s-1960s

4509. Serta Mattress, Chevrolet trucks (2 advertisements)

4510. Serta Perfect Sleeper

4512. Service - yes sir! Quality - of course!

4513. Serving the Industrial West

4514. Seven good reasons for two Fords

4515. Seven good reasons for two Fords

4516. Seven good reasons for two Fords

4517. Seven good reasons for two Fords

4518. Share A Van Ends Gas Pains

4519. Share A Van Ends Gas Pains

4520. Share your home!

4521. She shall have music wherever she goes

4522. Sheet negatives (NITRATE), circa 1940s-1950s

4523. Sherbrook

4524. Sherbrook

4525. Sherbrook

4526. Shishikarimon-nishiki: Guardian Gods Hunting Lion, 20th century

4527. Shop At Yeager's Akron's Quality Department Store

4528. Shop With A Smile on State Street Don't Miss the Fun A surprise every minute

4529. Shop With People Of Taste B. Forman Co.

4530. Sign your DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE Buy U.S. Savings Bonds!

4531. Silent Film Clip of the Trent Room dedication at Duke University Medical Library, 1956 April 20

4532. Silver hairs turns to gold

4533. Ski new horizons

4534. Sliced Ham with the delicious Danish flavor

4535. Smart chicks go for Lifeguard Design! Ford.

4536. Smellie-style obstetrical forceps with wooden handles, circa 1850s

4537. Smiling mother and child.

4538. Snuff, Kings County Savings Bank (2 advertisements)

4539. So like the Thunderbird

4540. Some leaders lose the personal touch

4541. Song of a Modern Madonna.

4542. Soup and Crackers, Cigarettes (2 advertisements)

4543. Soup, Miracle Whip, Kellogg's Corn Flakes (3 advertisements)

4544. Soup, Pepsi, Miracle Whip (3 advertisements)

4545. Souris Towsin Restaurant, Amoco Permalube Motor Oil (2 advertisements)

4546. Speaking of sterilization.

4547. Speed Limit 55 save lives saves fuel

4548. Spencer dissecting microscope, mid-20th century

4549. Spending a quiet evening at 18,000 feet

4550. Sport Wear and Sprot Gear at Sommer's