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401. How to profit from Ford's new attitude.

402. If you already make the world's best-selling trucks...

403. Introducing Explorer. Nobody's ever taken four-wheel drive this far.

404. It's all here in black and white.

406. Kodak presents the film that's a camera.

407. NEH grant documents: African American Life: Institute extension, 1990-1991

408. NEH-CDS grant documents: Af.-Am. Life/Jim Crow South., costshare, 391-0915-xxxx-23100, 1990-1991

409. NEH-CDS grant documents: African American Life in the Jim Crow South Conference materials, 1990-1991

410. One truck might not handle all your business needs. But one company will.

411. Pass with flying color. Ford Escort GT.

412. Perfect mix. Workforce.

413. Quality is job 1.

414. Recently, ten objects were named as "Designs of the Decade." Only one was a car.

415. Some cars change with the times. Others change the times. The new Escort.

416. Special advertising section. Buffalo National River. Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

418. Special advertising section. Safety and "No Trace" land ethics.

419. The National Park System, special advertising section.

420. The new Escort GT. Only the name remains the same.

421. The truck market keeps changing. And so do we.

422. To be the best-selling truck, you've got to be a lot more than tough.

423. To be the best-selling truck, you've got to be a lot more than tough.

425. Today, a new Ford is priced less than a Chevy. Tomorrow, it's worth more.

426. When I was a kid, I wanted one thing more than anything else in the world.

427. When it comes to truck sales, our competition isn't even in the picture.

428. When you're by yourself, you enjoy the company. Your Explorer is ready.

429. Why buy forty AeroMax 120's? It was our drivers' choice.

430. Why not leave well enough alone?

431. Wimps need not apply.

432. With all the awards it's won, you might think we'd be satisfied.

433. ASDU and Young Trustees, 1990-1992

434. 16 escape valves

435. 4 Escorts. 1 low price

436. A sure sign of intelligent life

437. Amusement parked

438. Charlotte, NC and Environs - Elder, Thereasea, 1990-1995

439. Dressed to thrill

440. Grade it on a curve

441. New looks. New sophistication

442. Power play

443. Room and not bored

444. Tape 1; Whelchel, Dwight; Lewis and Jenkins, 1990-1995

445. Tape III; 1. Beeth and Brown; Frye, Borders, Silanni and Jones, 1990-1995

446. The Man in the White Suit, 1990-1995

447. The next Ford Escort

448. Wilmington, NC Teachers' Video - 1, 1990-1995

449. Wilmington, NC Teachers' Video - 2, 1990-1995

450. Sam Reed sitting at table