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401. Spearmint & Doublemint Gum, Camel cigarettes (2 advertisements)

402. Loose photographs, circa 1920s-1960s

403. Bernice Caldwell slides: "My sister El whom I dearly loved", circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

404. Bernice Caldwell slides: Baby in carriage, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

405. Bernice Caldwell slides: Boy in chair - El's Barbershop, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

406. Bernice Caldwell slides: Color photo: Family birthday party, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

407. Bernice Caldwell slides: Elmer Bradshaw - Papa, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

410. Bernice Caldwell slides: Mama - Eugenia Bradshaw, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

411. Bernice Caldwell slides: Mike's party - 4 years old, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

412. Bernice Caldwell slides: Mike's party - 4 years old, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

413. Bernice Caldwell slides: Otsie sitting by dining table, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

415. Bernice Caldwell slides: Portrait of "Otsie", circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

416. Bernice Caldwell slides: Woman with young boy, "Aunt Dill", circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

419. Tillery, NC: residences, cemeteries, landscapes, 1930-1940s

420. Budweisr Presents The Ken Murray Show On Television CBS

421. Isle of Man, map and handy guide.

422. Just ask for Bud

423. Let's get together

424. Nothing like it... absolutely nothing

425. Out in front ... everywhere

426. Perfect host to a host of Friends

427. Taste the World's Finest Hops

428. There's nothing like it ...absolutely nothing

429. There's nothing like it ...absolutely nothing

430. There's nothing like it ...absolutely nothing

431. There's nothing like it... absolutely nothing

432. This friend needs no introduction

433. Amoco Gasoline, Oriole Pontiac Co. (2 advertisements)

434. BLUM'S


436. E.A. Pierce and Co. ...[?]

437. Enjoy every mile with...

438. Fram

439. Fram Filters

440. It's good to know IMPERIAL is made by [unreadable]

441. O'Neill's

443. Souris Towsin Restaurant, Amoco Permalube Motor Oil (2 advertisements)

444. They're changing their minds fast-- changing to new Arrow Beer

445. Untitled

446. Vacation Tire Sale

447. unknown, Continental Engines (2 advertisements)

448. A few sidelines on Casad's permanent recovery plan

450. D, 1930-1983