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166. Ethel Williams slides: Elementary school, Williamsburg County, South Carolina, circa 1940-1992

167. Ethel Williams slides: Levi Byrd and Matthew McCollom, circa 1940-1992

168. Ethel Williams slides: Harry Briggs, Sr., circa 1940-1992

172. better to light one little candle...than to curse the crisis

173. Take your problems to Church this week -millions leave them there!

174. Nodong Sinmun 1945-1999

175. Josephine Linyear photographs: Enlargement of 20-0996-001-IN, circa 1949-1985

176. Lucinda Gulledge slides: Photo of unidentified man and woman, circa 1940s-1980s

177. Laura Blount slides: Wedding photograph, circa 1940s-1980s

178. Laura Blount slides: Home Economics Building and Laura Bryant at Carver, circa 1940s-1980s

180. Laura Blount slides: Wedding photograph (1st marriage), circa 1940s-1980s