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161. "Good to the last drop"

162. The same good taste--always!

163. They Just Melt in Your Mouth

164. It Made a Cigar Smoker Out of Me

165. Now--Cravenette Processed, Shower-Proof Roll-It Cap with Indestructible Visor

166. Radio from the Light Socket--New and Improved Freshman Masterpiece

167. That Typically American Smartness--At the Better Stores

168. For Rugged Service!

169. Good to the Last Drop

170. Heap Good! A Different Blend of Cane and Maple

171. For Unlimited Service!

172. Heap Fine on Flapjacks! A Different Blend of Cane and Maple

173. The finest hotel can serve no better butter!

174. Carolina Marble and Granite Co.

175. American Writers Papers, 1903-1969 and undated

176. Publications, arranged chronologically

179. Miscellaneous historical prints: 12 prints, circa 1905-1950s

180. Biographical data, 1909-1982 and undated