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141. C. P. Herring, cassimere & woolen goods

142. Carlisle's Patent for Repairing Cotton and Wool Cards

143. Dr. Pollock's Vegetable No. 7 a Pain Preventive and Cure

144. Farm and Portable Engines

145. German, French & English Fancy Goods and Toys

146. High grade male school

147. Hon. Thomas W. Mason to address the people of Forsyth County

148. John Martin & Co. fruit and candy price list

149. Lazarus & Morris' Perfected Spectacles and Eye-Glasses

150. Look here! No puff, no sham

151. Maury's Geographies

152. Membership in the Ku Klux Klan

153. North Carolina Democracy political cartoon

154. Phoenix Foundry, Lynchburg Virginia

155. R. Q. R. Liniment

156. Reed Bros. Dry Goods and Groceries

157. Remarks on the Management of Fruit Trees

158. Sample copy, Town Talk

159. Sarah's Young Man

160. Save the Checks You Get at the Store of D. S. Reid