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141. Hairbreadth Harry in The Rescue

142. Harold Teen in Sugar Bowl, by U.R.A. Muffdriver

143. Jean Harlot in A Poor Fit

144. Jeannie Comes in a Bottle

145. Lene Tooney the Smart Boy

146. Maggie in Gay Maid

147. Radio's Kate Smitz

148. The Adventures of a Fuller Brush Man: The Amorous Mrs. Twirp

152. Ethel Williams slides: Elementary school, Williamsburg County, South Carolina, circa 1940-1992

154. Ethel Williams slides: Harry Briggs, Sr., circa 1940-1992

155. Ethel Williams slides: Harry, Eliza, and Harry Briggs, Jr., circa 1940-1992

158. Ethel Williams slides: Levi Byrd and Matthew McCollom, circa 1940-1992

159. Ethel Williams slides: Original petitioners in Briggs case, circa 1940-1992

160. Ethel Williams slides: Septima Clark's mailbox, circa 1940-1992