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141. Snappy!

142. Good to the Last Drop

143. "Yes sah! Star Brand Shoes are better"

144. $ave $ilk $tocking$--Wash Daily With American Family Flakes

145. Nut Pattikins; a new candy taste!

146. Nip Colds at the Start

147. They Didn't Have Skates Like These When I Was a Boy!

148. Sliced--Delicious!

149. America's Cup Coffee--Pleases as Only a Superfine Blend Can Please

150. That Typically American Smartness--Guaranteed at Better Stores

151. A millionaire can serve no better butter!

152. In the New Teepee Tin! A Different Blend of Cane and Maple

153. Boy, You'll Never Even Get Near Me!

154. For dinner tonight

155. Don't Catch Cold--But if You Do

156. "Everyday--my best seller"

157. aa wonderful "new taste" in pickles

158. Delicious with milk; The Health Biscuit

159. Indian Hill With Your Holiday Spirits Will Mean a Merry Christmas

160. Patriot Shoes for Well-Dressed Men