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121. Ideal for Sandwiches

122. 32 slices in every loaf!

123. *Where in the world is there flavor like Butter-Nut "The Coffee Delicious"

124. Golden hickory smoked herring

125. Say "Peter Pan" to your grocerman!

126. You hear Maxwell House Coffee praised wherever you go!

127. If you think all catsup is all--just try Van Camp's

128. Tastes Good Anywhere Under the Sun

129. Sawyer's Lily Soda salted cracker

130. Good to the Last Drop

131. Always Mild and Safe for Baby's Skin

132. "The world's finest coffee--That's my opinion"

133. Choose From 15 Delicious Varieties of Hubigs Honey-Fruit Pies--Famous!

134. Gee Mother, I'm Sure Strong for This! Toasted Bran Flakes and California Raisins

135. Monsieur--This Coffee is the Best in the World! "Good to the Last Drop"

136. Now the Real Treat--"Good to the Last Drop"

137. Now You're All Dressed Up--They Speak for Themselves

138. Be Cozy; Line your ome with Balsam-Wool (It Tucks In)

139. A Better Hat for $6

140. Smoke an Emerson--And You Be the Judge