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601. 2008 disbinding, aqueous treatment, resewing, and cloth reback to Hertzfliessende Betrachtungen

602. 2008 adhesive removal, aqueous treatment, and page reattachment to Lustig- und nutzlicher

603. 2008 page and minor structural repair to Der Jüden Thalmvd fürnembster

604. 2008 page reattachment and minor structural repair to Fünff geistreiche Büche

605. 2008 new paper binding for Illuminirter Reichs- und Welt-Spiegel

606. 2008 page repairs to W. S. Caldwell papers

607. 2008 page repairs to Beaufort College Trustees Journal

608. 2008 page reattachment and minor structural repair to Dess Herrn von Besser Schrifften, vol. 1

609. 2008 board reattachment and hinge repair to Jantz Early Ms. #42

610. 2008 sewing repair, hinge repair, case reattachment, and page repairs to Das Gesang-Buch der Gemeine in Herrn-Huth

611. 2008 board reattachment to Neu Leipziger Gesangbuch

612. 2008 condition assessment and housing of Westentaschen-Lieder-Buch für Studenten

613. 2008 spine repair, page reattachment, page repair, and surface cleaning to Der Geist Lurian im Silbergewand

614. 2008 aqueous treatment, page repairs, and page reattachment to Deliciæ physico-mathematicæ, oder, Mathemat.

615. 2008 tape removal, page repairs, and cloth reback to Des unvergleichlichen holländischen, vol. 1-2

616. 2008 reback, corner repair, tape removal, and page repairs to Spiele des Witzes und der Phantasie

617. 2008 paper reback to Sonderbahre Kirchen- Staat- und Welt-Sachen

619. 2008 resewn, page reattachment, page repairs, and surface cleaning of Murder and liberty

620. 2008 condition assessment of Inez Duke Angier Stokes papers Thomas Moore's Poetical Works

621. 2008 board reattachment to Remarks on the writings and conduct of J.J. Rousseau

623. 2008 board reattachment and page repairs to a collection of Plays, vol. 62

624. 2008 page repair and page reattachment to Des Welt-berühmten Adami Olearii

625. 2008 page and minor structural repair to Beschreibung der grossen und denckwürdige

626. 2008 condition evaluation of Place names in imprints

627. 2008 board reattachment and minor structure repair to Code des fumeurs et des priseurs, c.1

628. 2008 tape removal and aqueous treatment to Moralia Horatiana, das ist, Die horatzische

629. 2008 page repairs and spine lining to Le voyageur françois, ou, La connoissance de l'ancien…

630. 2008 page repairs and case reattachment to Glaubwürdige Nachrichten von der Gräfinn von Barre

631. 2008 resewing and new paper binding for Die unmögliche Sache

632. 2008 sewing repair and page repairs for exhibition of Bystander, or, A series of letters on the subject of the "legislative choice", vol. 5

633. 2008 surface cleaning to Des Herrn Le Brun, ersten Hofmalers...

635. 2008 page repair and minor structural repair to Erasmi Francisci Ost- und West-Indischer

636. 2008 aqueous treatment and new leather binding for Anabaptisticum et enthusiasticum pantheon...

637. 2008 washing, flattening, and page repairs for exhibition of An Account of some of the bloody deeds of General Jackson

638. 2008 paper repairs and paper reback to The Literary souvenir, 1825-26

639. 2008 tape removal and page repairs for exhibition of Political Smash-up broadside

640. 2008 tape removal and flattening for exhibition of Harper's Weekly, 1912

641. 2008 page repairs and minor structural repair to An introduction to the skill of musick

642. 2008 surface cleaning to binding of Amerika, du hast es besser!

643. 2008 page repairs for exhibition of Address of acceptance by Eugene V. Debs

644. 2008 spine repair and page repairs for exhibition of The story of the siren

645. 2008 sewing repair, spine repair, and board reattachment to Bücher der Chronicka von den Kriegen

646. 2008 minor structure repair for exhibition of Twelve original woodcuts

647. 2008 aqueous treatment and minor structural repair to The world displayed..., vol. 5

649. 2008 flattening for digitization to two blueprints

650. 2008 aqueous treatment and page repair to Travels through Arabia and other countries in the East, vol. 2

651. 2008 condition assessment of Sculpturae veteris admiranda, sive,...

652. 2008 minor structure repair, sewing repair, and page repairs for exhibiton of Kew gardens

653. 2008 board reattachment to Berthold Auerbach's deutscher Volks-Kalender

654. 2008 page repairs to John Steele letters

655. 2008 minor binding repairs to Geheimnisse : zur Erläuterung der Geschichte

656. Stata Journal Volume 8, Number 3 - 2008

657. Stata Journal Volume 8, Number 4 - 2008

658. Stata Journal Volume 8, Number 2 - 2008

684. Stata Journal Volume 8, Number 1 - 2008

686. Halifax County, Va., 2008.

699. ESRI Data and Maps 2008

700. Address Locator Files