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251. Gracia Dawson slides: Dawson standing by airplane, destination Miami, Florida, circa 1896-1992

252. Gracia Dawson slides: Article, "State Downs Tuskegee to Play for Title", circa 1896-1992

254. Gracia Dawson slides: South Carolina State College Coronation, circa 1896-1992

256. Gracia Dawson slides: Oliver Dawson at South Carolina State College, circa 1896-1992

257. Gracia Dawson slides: South Carolina State College football practice, circa 1896-1992

259. Gracia Dawson slides: South Carolina State College Athletic Hall of Fame Award, circa 1896-1992

260. Gracia Dawson slides: Different collage of newspaper clippings, circa 1896-1992

261. Gracia Dawson slides: Group photo at Gracia Dawson's wedding, circa 1896-1992

262. Gracia Dawson slides: Article on Dawson's trip, circa 1896-1992

264. Gracia Dawson slides: Oliver and Gracia Dawson, circa 1896-1992

265. Gracia Dawson slides: New York Alumni Ball and Dinner, circa 1896-1992

267. Gracia Dawson slides: Sports review on basketball and football, circa 1896-1992

268. Gracia Dawson slides: Two unidentified men, circa 1896-1992

271. Gracia Dawson slides: Articles about basketball team, circa 1896-1992

272. Gracia Dawson slides: Wedding photo - car, circa 1896-1992

274. Gracia Dawson slides: Collinwood High School - different angle, circa 1896-1992

275. Gracia Dawson slides: Tennis team on a trip, circa 1896-1992

276. Margaret Nelson slides: Album page, 1896-1990

277. Margaret Nelson slides: Album page, 1896-1990

278. Free protection against typhoid fever

279. Something About Mill Stones and Granite

280. Bedford Springs Health Resort.

281. Albert E. Boone Railway construction contracts

282. Scrapbook with letters and calling cards

285. Joel H. DuBose papers

286. With Complements of the Southern Business College

287. Anti-Dispensary Leader Moses H. Cone

288. Bases de una asociacion industrial.

289. Bases de una asociacion industrial.

290. Colegio de la Immaculada Concepcion.

291. John Joseph Patrick Barnett papers

292. Walter Clark papers

294. Maps and Architectural Materials

295. Correspondence

296. James Wilson Bright correspondence

297. Mamie Draper midwife journal

298. Archie Brydges letters

299. American Surety Company of New York

300. Trinity College/Duke University materials, circa 1893-1935, 1969