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5303. Erisophake, mid-20th century

5304. Clement Knatt slides: Clement Knatt cleaning automobile at Shadows, 1950s

5306. Chris Stewart slides: Fraternity or sorority group photograph, 1950s

5307. Sandy McCorvey slides: Regina McCorvey, Liberia, 1950s

5310. Sadie Hughley slides: Reverend J. Neel Hughley, 1950s

5312. Sandy McCorvey slides: County Fair, Liberia, 1950s

5313. Essie Dozier slides: Unidentified women, North Carolina, 1950s

5315. William Crumpton slides: Group of adults and baby on a beach, 1950s

5316. Marva Jones slides: Obituary of Indiana Hunter, circa 1950s, 1994

5317. James Lowe slides: Female figure skater in mid air, 1950s

5318. Aline St. Julien slides: Aline St. Julien at Abita Springs, 1950s

5322. Aline St. Julien slides: Carnival, Canal Street, New Orleans, 1950s

5323. James Lowe slides: The Mello-tones, 1950s

5325. James Lowe slides: Male figure skater in mid air, 1950s

5327. Brenda Quant slides: Portrait of woman with clasped hands, 1950s

5328. Aline St. Julien slides: Lafitte Projects, New Orleans, 1950s

5329. James Lowe slides: Female figure skater in a pose, 1950s

5333. James Lowe slides: Two female figure skaters wearing the same costumes, 1950s

5338. Carolyn King slides: Willie Lee Tillie "Willie James Tullis Duncan" [?], 1950s

5340. Aline St. Julien slides: Children at Abita Springs, Louisiana, 1950s

5342. Ethel Williams slides: Cecil L. Williams cutting birthday cake, 1950s

5344. James Lowe slides: Two female figure skaters in costumes, 1950s

5346. Ethel Williams slides: Young protesters at Trinity Church rally, 1950s

5347. Essie Dozier slides: Algo Mae Stancil Coker on tour of California, 1950s

5348. Ethel Williams slides: Rally at Trinity Church [South Carolina], 1950s

5352. Marva Jones slides: Donald Williams (son) and friend at Easter, circa 1950s, 1994

5355. Essie Dozier slides: Mrs. Helen Hamilton Bonner, Norfolk, Virginia, 1950s

5357. Bernice Caldwell slides: Men in uniform - Korean War, 1950s

5358. Essie Dozier slides: Unidentified child standing next to car, 1950s

5359. Bernice Caldwell slides: Bill in uniform, 1950s

5365. James Lowe slides: Two female figure skaters in pose, 1950s

5366. Chris Stewart slides: Football team group portrait outside, 1950s

5369. Chris Stewart slides: Young men and women around restaurant table, 1950s

5370. George Thomas, Jr. slides: Dr. Thomas and family leaning against a car, 1950s

5371. Jookin', 1950s

5372. Doris George slides: Christening pictures of son, circa 1950s

5374. Mary Robinson slides: Church Convention Journey, Kansas, Missouri, 1950s

5375. Bernice Caldwell slides: Men in uniform, 1950s

5376. James Lowe slides: Male and female figure skaters in mid air, 1950s

5377. Aline St. Julien slides: Aline St. Julien, New Orleans, 1950s

5378. Sandy McCorvey slides: Mr. McCorvey exhibiting root crops, Ghana, 1950s

5381. Alex Byrd slides: duplicate of 061-UR, circa 1950s

5382. Aline St. Julien slides: Marie Duminy (Manuel's wife) and child, 1950s

5383. Sandy McCorvey slides: McCorvey on the Covalla river, Liberia, 1950s

5384. Kathleen Crosby slides: Pineville Colored School, children in costumes, 1950s

5385. Marcus and Alma Lyons slides: A.W. Dent, Eola Lyons Baker, C.C. Wiles, 1950s

5387. Josie Miller slides: Josie Miller's mother, Elizabeth Tarver Broadwater, 1950s

5388. Doris George slides: Christening pictures of daughter, circa 1950s

5391. Johnnie Archie slides: J. W. Archie, 1950s

5394. Edwin and Annette Thorpe slides: A nun and three girls in white dresses, 1950s