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201. IBM Selectric Typewriters, 1960s

202. Post: Sugar Crisp Cereal, 1960s

203. Untitled


205. General Foods: Gravy Train Dog Food, 1960s

206. Maxwell House: Instant Maxwell House Coffee, 1960s

207. Say Seagram's and be sure

208. General Foods: Gaines Meal Dog Food, 1960s

209. In Fine Whiskey...Fleischmann's is the BIG buy

210. P&G: Ivory Snow, 1960s

211. Canada Dry Quinine Water, 1960s

212. Greatest Shows on Earth

213. Utica Club Brewing Company: Utica Club Beer, 1960s

214. Squibb: Vigran Multi-Vitamins, 1960s

215. The Corner...that Cares

216. 18 Hole Golf Course - Restaurant - Cocktail Lounge

217. You belong with Salem

218. Texaco: Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts, 1960s

219. General Foods: Gaines-Burgers, 1960s

220. Post: Fruit in the Box Cereals, 1960s

221. American Safety Razor: Personna Steel Razor Blades, 1960s

222. Birds Eye: Frozen Instant Baby Food, 1960s

223. real gusto in a great light beer

224. Texaco, 1960s

225. This is Ford Country. What are you driving?

226. Anderson-Clayton: Seven Seas Coach House Dressing, 1960s

227. P&G: Scope Mouthwash, 1960s

228. Chemical Bank, 1960s

229. Squibb: Vigran Multi-Vitamins, 1960s

230. Vicks VapoRub, 1960s

231. Pearl Bailey Feb. 20-Mar. 10

232. American Safety Razor: Pal Premium Injector Shaving Blades, 1960s

233. Post: Cereals, 1960s

234. The Natural Foods for Cats

235. SC Johnson: Pledge, 1960s

236. the greatest treats on earth

237. American Safety Razor: Pal Premium Injector Shaving Blades, 1960s

238. Smirnoff leaves you breathless

239. Chemical Bank, 1960s

240. New High Performance Formula

241. First Federal Gives a Free GE Clock

242. Texaco Gas Stations, 1960s

243. Visit a friend this week...see your Ford dealer

244. Always fresh never fishy

245. Here's value and convenience!

246. P&G: Crest Toothpaste, 1960s

247. SC Johnson: Pledge, 1960s

248. Texaco Gas Stations, 1960s

249. Post: Sugar Crisp Cereal, 1960s

250. if you can find a better it!