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201. "Thanks for the 'City of Los Angeles'..."

202. "That settles it!.. with other costs so High and Greyhound fares so Low... we'll go Greyhound!"

204. "The Businessman's Airline Wins My Business!"

205. "The Family Cold" - Most Dread Menace To Your Baby's Safety

206. "The Future Level of German Industry," report to the members of the Economic Directorate, 1946 Jan. 28

207. "The Railroad Runs Right Through My Store!"

208. "The Road Ahead" is Brighter...

209. "The Southern Railway named a train after me!"

210. "The world's finest coffee--That's my opinion"

211. "There is Romance in Make-up"

212. "There's always Something doin' on the B&O!"

213. "There's nothing like it on earth for traveling with a baby!"

214. "They knew me right away... even in civilian clothes.

215. "They'll hardly recognize you in Coventry, m'lady... "

216. "They're off!" and "You're There!" with Du Mont Television

217. "This Christmas we're really on top of the World!"

219. "Time is more than Money"

220. "To Central America I Fly Taca"

221. "Tomorrow, Joe, we'll have this speed and cushions too!"

222. "Treadeasy shoes give me everything I want in footwear."

223. "Treadeasy shoes give me everything I want in footwear."

224. "Two heads are better than one."

225. "Vibrant"

226. "Vibrant"

227. "Wake-up-to-music" Clock-Radio

228. "We Beg to Differ Dr. Johnson!"

229. "We Kept 2,750 Atlantic Crossings Under Our Hat."

230. "We baby our carriage trade!"

233. "We'll Take Miss Alice Through Our Looking Glass To London, Mr. Carroll."

234. "We'll keep it shining.. until our sailor comes home!"

235. "We'll sail in style!"

236. "We'll save $112 for side trips by riding to Seattle in these new TOURALUX cars"

237. "We're seeing Canada by train!"

238. "What is it like to fly?"

239. "What's it like up there, Pete?"

240. "Whe-e-e-ew the New Super Chief!"

241. "Why, then the world's mine oyster..."

242. "Wish I were home tonight"

243. "Wish my Daddy was home to wear it!"

244. "Wonder World' of Southern Utah-Arizona

245. "Wow! This job sure keeps me hopping!"

246. "Yeah...the Team Won-but I lost!"

247. "Yes sah! Star Brand Shoes are better"

248. "Yes, Sir, I Understand, But It's London You Want... Not Olympia."

249. "You Bet the War Has Changed Us!"

250. "You can't keep a good man down... he makes it his business to go by Flagship"