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42. 2008 page reattachment and paper reback to Fragmenta poëtarum

43. 2008 aqueous treatment and page repair to Travels through Arabia and other countries in the East, vol. 2

44. 2008 page reattachment and minor structural repair to Dess Herrn von Besser Schrifften, vol. 1

45. 2008 page repairs to Richard Arnold will and book of religious writings

46. 2008 minor structure repair, sewing repair, and page repairs for exhibiton of Kew gardens

47. 2008 board reattachment to Remarks on the writings and conduct of J.J. Rousseau

48. 2008 resewn, page reattachment, page repairs, and surface cleaning of Murder and liberty

49. 2008 case reattachment for instructional use of Lavater's De spectris

50. 2008 adhesive removal, aqueous treatment, and page reattachment to Lustig- und nutzlicher