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2201. Tenderloin Tin Tobacco Tag.

2204. Gold Rope Tin Tobacco Tag.

2205. Hiawatha Tin Tobacco Tag.

2206. Horseshoes Tin Tobacco Tag.

2207. Gold Club Tin Tobacco Tag.

2211. Staple Tin Tobacco Tag.

2212. Sultan Tin Tobacco Tag.

2213. Cross Cut Saw Tin Tag.

2214. Stars Tin Tobacco Tag.

2218. Honey-Dew Tin Tobacco Tag.

2221. No Tax Tin Tobacco Tag.

2223. Roosters Tin Tobacco Tag.

2227. Allerton

2228. Our new economy set

2229. Toys, fancy goods, notions, etc.

2230. Wanted! At Parrish's Warehouse, Durham, N.C.

2231. We take pleasure in announcing to the distillers

2232. Advertisement for Miller's Safe & Iron Works

2233. List of births attended by Charles E. Brayton, 1870-1912

2234. Our new counter. Fireproof tinware

2235. Planter's warehouse, Winston, N.C.

2236. W.W. Wilkinson's matchless mineral water

2237. Brown & Schaeffer's annual grand opening of holiday goods

2240. To the Democratic voters of the third district

2241. Humbug schools and negroes

2242. J. Goldsmith, dealer in dry goods

2243. Few things of special interest

2245. J. & P. Coats' best six-cord cabled thread

2246. New goods! New goods!

2247. Prospectus for the Gulf Coast Chautauqua Assembly

2248. Clydesdale, one of the finest horses in the state

2249. John L. Markham, Durham, N.C.

2250. Drs. Robbins & Lewis' animal vaccine virus