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861. Amourette or Mount Vernon polka; Mount Vernon polka

862. Sea Serpent Polka

863. Ouverture Tancredi

864. Grand round; Petersburg; March cotillion; Old point cotillion; Butterfly; Bird of liberty

865. Annie Laurie; Scotch ballad

866. There is no home like my own

868. Oh! Susanna

869. Beatrice di Tenda; Op. 87

870. March of the First Volunteer Regiment of Alabama

871. Round the corner

872. Sontag polka

873. O wert thou in the cauld blast; O sah' ich auf der Haide; Volkslied

874. Where are the friends of my youth. Quartette

875. Shool; American student song

876. Sad is my heart with care; Wie mir's im Herzen schwer; Op. 52

878. Morning star waltz; Schonbrunner waltz; Schoenbrunner

879. Ave Maria

880. Agnes polka