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151. Grand Opening Summerfield Townhomes in Scottsdale. from $16,995.

152. Keep America clean and green. Bend a little.

153. Untitled

155. Untitled

157. Untitled Presentation

158. Half Mile on Left. Oaks Motel.

159. In sun or shade... THE BEST BREW MADE!

161. [erased] new name, new car by [erased]. see it at your dealer's.

162. more quiet cooling per dollar

163. more GO for your dough...Rainbow Gasoline

164. Townhouses Grand Opening. Hallcraft's new Eastwood.

165. Untitled

166. Best light ever

167. Lease-Financing We buy it -- you lease it

168. Frank Peddie weather KTAR TV 12

170. Correspondence, undated 1, letter 21

171. Законы юных пионеров

172. Seagram's 100 Pipers Scotch

175. Drink Coca-Cola


178. Body By Fisher Exclusive Extra in GM General Motors Cars

179. Groundhog

180. See Breton Woods A Mile Wide On The West Side developed by Clemons-Knight-Menard Co. Realtors

181. Unidentified Slide Presentation

182. Oriental Delight

183. Untitled Presentation

184. BEER!

185. Rossmoor Leisure World Is Coming To The Valley Of The Sun.

186. New, easy way to pay bills

187. Untitled

188. Untitled Presentation

189. Poor Boys

190. Untitled Presentation

192. The spirit of Christmas presents

193. M&M's Plain Chocolate Candies


195. Don't Add To The Statistics Drive Sober

196. Say Crown Russe. Like in juice.

197. Village Computers, The Professioanl apple computer dealer!

199. Chesterfield cigarettes