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151. "Mom's sure an A-1 cook!"

152. "Mr. Brummell's Complaining That All the Passengers Get the Best Service."

153. "Mr. Traffic Manager... TWA Offers The Biggest Airfreight Network in America!"

154. "My ears turned red at that awful whisper"


157. "New Jersey's Top Department Store - Featuring Nationally Advertised Brands"

158. "No Traffic Nerves for Us! Our Trips are Trouble-Free and Cost Us Less When We Go GREYHOUND"

159. "No Waste Words Make Long Story Short" Outdoor Advertising

160. "No use, boys! We'll have to WALK! Mainliners-Mainliners, all day long!"

161. "North Western" Enlarges Its Great "400" Fleet Built By Pullman-Standard

162. "Nosegay"...bouquet with a sophisticated air

165. "Now, Mr. Burns, the High Road's the Fast Road to Scotland."

166. "Oft In The Stilly Night" Mallory Works For You

167. "Oh boy - _what_ a beer!" NATIONAL BOHEMIAN

168. "Oh boy - _what_ a beer!" NATIONAL BOHEMIAN

169. "Oh boy - _what_ a beer!" NATIONAL BOHEMIAN

170. "Oh boy - _what_ a beer!" NATIONAL BOHEMIAN

171. "Old Ironsides" stood up throughout the war

172. "Only TWA gives you this timesaving, troublesaving Memo Tariff!"

176. "Pheasant Sandwiches! Holy smokes! Who'd ever believe it?"

177. "Reconversion..."

178. "Roger"

180. "Savoir Faire"...rare new tribute to fascination

181. "See Canada in Autumn-ablaze with scarlet and gold"

182. "Senora, a cup of Tropic sunshine for you"

183. "Senorita~ I drink to you!"

184. "Smith's not the only one!"

185. "Smith's not the only one!"

188. "Sometimes I feel just like Superman!"

189. "Speaking of shopping... Listen To This!"

190. "Spell it Again, Mr. Chaucer..."

191. "Spring Spring Spring time to wake a sleepy skin"

192. "Suave" your hair

193. "Sure, I've made 41,000,000 telephones ...but what else do I make?"


196. "Take a Trip" means Take a Saving!

197. "Teamed-up for you since '82"

198. "Television"

200. "Thank you, folks!"