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151. To the Democracy of Jefferson County

152. The Maine explosion

154. Why Winston is the best market for their tobacco

156. When the black folks turn white

157. 'Way down in Tennessee; Plantation reminiscence

158. University girl waltzes

159. Shake yo' dusters; Piccaninny rag

161. Solitude; Air from Sapho

162. The sweetest flower that blows

163. Keep your eye on your friend Mister Johnson; Swell Miss Fitzwell

164. I guess I'll have to telegraph my baby; Coon song; Hot old time

165. The storm; Imitation of nature

166. Harvard students march two step

167. Way down in the old palmetto state

168. Richmond march

169. South Car'lina tickle : Cake walk

170. Uncle Josh's huskin dance

174. Stars and stripes forever

175. Frances Courtenay Baylor letter

176. My old Kentucky home; Old-time darkey song

177. Little yaller boy

178. He cert'ny was good to me; The swell Miss Fitzwell

180. Mammy's little blue-grass honey

181. My old New Hampshire home

182. Greeting

185. D'Artagnan's love song; Musketeers

186. The Yankee message; Uncle Sam to Spain

188. Awake United States

189. Gypsy love song; Slumber on, my little gypsy sweetheart; The fortune teller

190. Praises for Keeley

191. The Clothing Book

192. 1898 Kodaks

193. Admit One.

194. Folding Pocket Camera

195. Holidays are Kodak Days

196. A Few Hints about Fashion

197. Holidays are Kodak Days

198. Picture Taking with a BULLS-EYE KODAK

199. Pond's Extract

200. Victor Cushwa & Sons