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61. "...on ford, on falcon, on fairlane..."

62. "..don't tell Mother"

63. "18 months is too much"

64. "1950 RCA Victor at VIM"

65. "20 Million Passengers by Air in '47"

66. "8 out of 10" know a secret- do you?

68. "83% of my mail says...Wondersoft Kotex ends chafing entirely!"

69. "A Glorious Victory..A Gran Brew" Iron City Beer

70. "A Greyhound trip gave me a 'lift' when I needed it!"

72. "A Long Felt Need Filled at Last"

73. "A Many Splendored Thing"

75. "A Minimum German Standard of Living in Relation to Industrial Disarmament and Reparatons," report by Hoover to German Standard of Living Board, 1945 Sept. 10


77. "A Touchdown!"

78. "A Way of Life"... Arizona City

79. "A Wife Saves"... Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service from Long Beach to Seaside Park!

80. "A great big bite."