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61. 9 out of 10 shop this easy way

62. A Arundel Ice Cream 1643

63. A Full Year's Pleasure...Free!

64. A Good Store In A Good Town Pickus Dept. Store Dress Up For Easter

65. A Lesson in Love with Charlie McCarthy

66. A Safe Place to Shop Morris's Coats Dresses Furs

67. A Strong Friendly Bank--Small Savings Deposits Are Always Welcome

68. A Visit to Germany.

69. A few sidelines on Casad's permanent recovery plan

70. A gala new show! The Ford Show starring Tennessee Ernie Ford

72. A small thing to do for a "big feller"! Ford lifeguard design.

73. AMC: Rambler American, 1950s-1960s

74. Abrahams, undated

75. Actually dissolves tobacco tars from mough and throat Smith Brothers mint flavor Medicated Smokers Drops

76. Acupuncture model, People's Republic of China, 20th century

77. Admiral Television, RCA Victor Television (2 advertisements)

78. African art? (statue), Brooklyn Museum

79. After the Morning

80. Ah-h-h Spring! Change Oil and Filter AC Oil Filters