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61. Charles J. Faulkner papers, 1815-1859

62. Anna B. Campbell papers

63. Charity Edwards papers

64. William Dehon family papers

65. Sermons, legal papers, bills and receipts, miscellaneous, undated

66. John Fitzgerald papers

67. Dennis Cooley papers

68. Bound volume with 2 printed titles (A Poem on Leigh Park and Letters Addressed to William Garrett) and manuscript entries, 1819-1858

69. Margaretta Berlin papers

70. Papers, 1819-1857

71. John MacPherson Berrien letters

72. Herbert T. Bacon papers

73. Reward poster for runaway slave in Missouri

74. John A. Dix papers

75. Léopold-Guillaume, Archiduc d'Austriche, Governeur des Pays-Bas.

76. Albert I. Butner papers

77. James C. Dobbin papers

78. Carter Braxton papers

79. Amory Fisher papers

80. George Bowers papers