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301. JAN GARBER His Great Show

302. Back Up America's Thrift Drive to Victory

303. Our Mr. and Mrs. Los Angeles in Sportswear

304. If it's GUCKENHEIMER it's good!

305. Baby Ruth Candy Bar, Butter-Nut Coffee (2 advertisements)

307. ELECTRIC. The Power of America United for Victory Save and Conserve

308. Charity, Cola (3 advertisements)

309. Buy Defense Bonds Stamps

310. Beer, Beer (2 advertisements)

311. A-1 for everything you bake-

312. Loans

313. You're asking Me if it pays to Fly!

314. Now! Only 25 Hours, 40 Minutes From New York To Buenos Aires

315. Yours... for immediate delivery... the Biggest Home Television Picture

316. Grandma has Places to Go!

317. The Leader to RIO--the Leader at Home--Lockheed Constellation

318. Today: The City of San Francisco

319. United States Television Big Picture

320. How Long is a Honeymoon?

321. Olympic is first with FM at a popular price

322. Southern Pacific cuts time to California!

323. Pleasure Travel?... every bit of the way!

324. Fly KLM to Palestine

325. 1,000,000,000 passenger miles - So What?

326. Colorful Holland via Constellation!

327. West by South... Senator!

328. The Easiest Way to Travel with Children

329. Loans

330. "Mom's sure an A-1 cook!"

331. Gifts mean more from

335. Clarence Holte PHOTO magazine prospectus, undated

337. Alex Byrd slides: duplicate of 070-UR, circa 1940s

341. James Lowe slides: Snookum Russell and his Orchestra, 1940s

342. Emmett Bashful slides: Dr. Bashful at college, University of Illinois, 1940s

343. Mary Robinson slides: Ellen and another niece, 1940s

344. Larry Henderson slides: Man in uniform, 1940s

345. James Lowe slides: Anna Mae Winburn, Director, Sweethearts of Rhythm, 1940s

346. Sue Russell Kelker slides: A man kneeling outside, 1940s

349. Chris Stewart slides: Woman and others on porch, 1940s

350. Unattributed historic image slides: "Miscellaneous", 1940s

352. Leola Caldwell slides: Two Army photos of Grady Caldwell, 1940s

354. Sue Russell Kelker slides: Campbell's Park outing group photograph, 1940s

356. Margaret Nelson slides: Doris Williams, 1940s

361. Lucinda Gulledge slides: Family portrait, 1940s

362. Alex Byrd slides: duplicate of 070-UR, circa 1940s

363. Edwin and Annette Thorpe slides: Man opening boot of car, 1940s

364. Essie Dozier slides: Arlo Veon Coker, Sr., 1940s

366. Leola Caldwell slides: Grady Caldwell in uniform, 1940s

370. Mary Robinson slides: Joe Williams (father) and daughter, Chicago, 1940s

371. Unidentified Donor Slides: "Andre", 1940s

376. Chris Stewart slides: Unidentified man and woman, outside, 1940s

377. Alex Byrd slides: Unidentified woman in cap and gown, circa 1940s

381. Larry Henderson slides: Man in a uniform, 1940s

382. Leola Williams slides: Two men in army uniforms (unidentified), 1940s

386. Sadie Hughley slides: Mrs. Hughley's Aunt Dewdrop Walmsley, 1940s

400. James Lowe slides: Mr. Lowe and his Orchestra, 1940s