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301. Culpepper-type microscope, approximately 1750

304. Dase Noticia a Los Fieles, Tanto Eclesiasticos, como Seculares...

305. David Emanuel papers

306. Daybook: Vol. 15, 1778 March 28-1778 November 8

307. December - Engraving.

308. Deed of manumission freeing Edmund, an enslaved child, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1796 April 5 :manuscript, signed.

309. Deed of manumission freeing Eveline Lewis, an enslaved child, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1796 April 5 :manuscript copy signed.

311. Deus in Terris Domicilium.

312. Digby County, Nova Scotia papers

315. Domestic Account Book belonging to Benj & Julia Rush beginning June 1799

318. Don Joseph Antonio Manso de Velasco, Conde de Superunda, Cavallero del Orden de Santiago...

323. Dossier and Correspondence of Comte d'Aboville, 1781-1783, undated

324. Douglas : a tragedy : as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Convent-Garden.

325. Down family papers

326. Dr. John Hooper's female pills, 1743

327. Draft bill of sale, 1787 :autograph manuscript.

328. Dugas family papers

329. Early shareholder lists, 1764-1811

330. Ecorche, 18th century

331. Edward and William Stabler papers, 1793-1852.

333. El Rey.

334. El Rey. Por Real Orden de veinte y seis de Setiembre próximo ...

335. Eleanor Hall Douglas papers

336. Elias Cornelius papers

337. Engraving of a scene in an stable.

338. Euratlas Historical Political Boundaries of Europe

340. Exiles of Eden

341. Export and import form for two bales of blankets on the brig Noah's Ark, 1794 October 14 : autograph manuscript and printed text signed.

342. Export and import manuscript for fifty casks claret on the brigs Betsy and Holbrooke, 1794 December 3-4 : autograph manuscript signed.

346. Extrait du Testament de sen Monsieur de la Martinier...

347. Female ivory standing manikin affixed to marble base, 17th or 18th century

348. Female ivory standing manikin with head tilted to left, 17th or 18th century

352. Female manikin with ivory pillow on blue corduroy couch, 17th or 18th century

355. Female manikin with ivory pillow on wooden couch, 17th or 18th century

356. Female manikin with tilted head on brown velvet couch, 17th or 18th century

357. Financial, 1763-1829

358. Flea glass, 18th century

361. Fragment from a collection of Shiite ḥadīths with miniature.

362. Fragment from a collection of Shiite ḥadīths.

363. Fragment from a copy of the Qurʼān with interlinear Persian translation.

365. Fragments from a text on Islamic law.

366. Francis Brooks papers

367. François Barbé-Marbois letter

368. General orders

369. George Ashman papers

370. George Buckmaster account

371. George Edmund Badger papers

372. George Washington (Valley Forge) letter to Benjamin Rush (Yorktown), 1778 January 12

373. George Wymberley Jones De Renne papers

374. George and Christopher Champlin letter

376. Handwritten note.

377. Henry Ellis papers

378. Hercules II, Esten Ferrariæ Dux IIII

379. Herman Brimmer papers

380. Historic Digital Bills and Resolutions: 1789-2013

382. Horseshoe tourniquet, late 18th century

384. Household Accounts, 1770-1797

387. Iconografica rappresentatione della inclita città di Venezia : consacrata al Reggio serenissimo dominio veneto

388. In council

389. Inspector of tobacco certificate

390. Instructions for children.

392. Islamic devotional book.

393. Isleworth Voluntary Armed Association.

394. Ivory box with bas-relief female anatomical manikin on cover, 17th or 18th century

395. Ivory box with bas-relief female anatomical manikin on cover, 17th or 18th century

396. J. S. Buckminster papers

397. Jacob Farrabough papers

398. James Belcher papers

399. James Cheston papers

400. James McHenry (York Island, Fort Washington) letter to Benjamin Rush (n. p.), 1776 November 2