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1708. Abschrift. Aufstellung.

1710. Anheuser Busch: Budweiser Beer, 1990s

1711. Bata Shoes: Bata Shoe Stores, 1990s

1712. Behind the Veil Project meeting, content unidentified, 1990s

1713. Coca-Cola, 1990s

1715. Fiat Motors: Fiat Tempra Station Wagon, 1990s

1716. Fiat Motors: Fiat Tempra, 1990s

1717. General Motors: Pontiac Bonneville, 1990s

1718. General Motors: Pontiac Grand Am, 1990s

1719. Guidebooks / briefing book files, 1990s

1720. Guidebooks / briefing book files, 1990s

1721. Kids Help Phone, 1990s

1722. Latin American Studies Program, 1994-

1723. Latin American Studies, 1992-

1725. Partnership for Canadian Travel: Experience Canada, 1990s

1726. Partnership for Canadian Travel: Experience Canada, 1990s

1727. Power Athletic Shoes, 1990s

1728. Research materials; articles; outline for documentary presentation, "The Truth of the Matter", 1990s

1729. Famous ride of Tam O'Shanter

1730. Masked battery schottisch

1731. Old black Joe

1732. Thunder and lightning polka; Unter Donner und Blitz.; Op. 324

1733. Traumerei and Little romance; Op. 15; Revery

1734. William Tell overture

1735. Acupuncture model, People's Republic of China, 20th century

1736. Anatomy dissection kit, 20th century

1739. Contemporary fetoscope, 20th century

1740. Glass contact lenses, 20th century

1741. Human skeleton model, articulated, 20th century

1742. Laennec stethoscope, 20th century

1743. Medical instruments in a metal pocket case, 20th century

1744. Medical instruments, chiefly 20th century

1745. Mochica medicine man, 20th century

1746. Shishikarimon-nishiki: Guardian Gods Hunting Lion, 20th century