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41. The Sheffield Apprentice

42. The Passing Policeman

43. Sallie Dover

44. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0007

45. In the Isle of St. Helena

46. Residential life timelines, 1922-1990

47. Walp's Penna. Dutch Food

48. Pagoda The Home Of Distinctive Chinese Food

49. western food 30 min Nut Tree

50. Swift Creek Farms Restaurant

51. Crawford's Sea Grill Chicken Steaks Sea Food Dinners

53. Chalet On The Lake Superb Food! Outdoor Beauty on every Menu

54. Walp's Penna. Dutch Food

55. western food 1 min Nut Tree

56. Duke Memorial Chapel, [Interior], undated

57. Hotel Manger at North Station Hotel Garage Children Free With Parents

58. Colonial Inn Historic Concord Center

59. Rocco's Restaurant and Lounge

60. Green Ridge Turkey Farm Restaurant We Serve More Turkey Than Any Other Restaurant in the US