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101. Schmidt's Bread, Schenley beer (2 advertisements)

102. Tower Plaza

103. English dinner ware at the Valley Bank.

105. Correspondence, undated 1, letter 16

107. Milwaukee's Favorite Premium Beer: Draft-Brewed Blatz Now At Local Prices!

109. Adventuous. Unpredictable. Every Week. Life

110. We work nights for your convenience.

111. Continental Villas West A beautiful idea in townhouses

112. Springtime Placemats. Free at [Conoco logo] With Fill-up.

113. Grand Opening New World A Master-Planned Community

114. Brass scarificator and set of cups, undated

116. Feed our feathered friends this winter! A Stoner System Public Service for the Birds.

117. First Among Fine Whiskies THREE FEATHERS

118. Untitled

119. It's Time to a '63 Range--See Your Appliance Dealer Now

120. Untitled Presentation

121. Untitled

122. Ranch House Motel Splendid

123. "Serving Wester Maricopa Country." Cannon Funeral Home and Chapel

124. Untitled Presentation

125. Make Us Your BankAmericard Bank in Arizona

126. personal loans. Our Favorite Word is Yes!

127. Untitled

128. For Mom's new watch.

129. 14 1/2 miles in Wilcox.

131. Free stainless flatware one piece with minimum 8-gallon fill-up.

132. Sierra Prieta Estates

133. Dancing Carbonation! Booth's Beverages.

134. En tout temps ... des TOASTS


136. When the thought is genuine ... DEWAR'S "White Label"

137. Boyce-ite treated Gasoline forms no carbon

140. all the flavor you want

141. now people who Count ... enjoy FREE Checking

142. Budweiser

144. Untitled presentation

145. Slice after Slice it's Perfect!

146. Ballantine Beer

150. Phonodisc: RL00160-PD-0014_01