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103. Leola Williams slides: A boy (unidentified), 1930s-1992

104. Leola Williams slides: Boy in a tie (unidentified), 1930s-1992

105. Leola Williams slides: Boy in hat (unidentified), 1930s-1992

106. Leola Williams slides: Boy in tie and jacket (unidentified), 1930s-1992

107. Leola Williams slides: Boy with phone (unidentified), 1930s-1992

109. Leola Williams slides: Color snapshot: Three children (unidentified), 1930s-1992

112. Leola Williams slides: Couple with child in front of house (unidentified), 1930s-1992

113. Leola Williams slides: Girl holding baby (unidentified), 1930s-1992

114. Leola Williams slides: Girl with child, sitting down (unidentified), 1930s-1992

115. Leola Williams slides: Group photo of children (unidentified), 1930s-1992

117. Leola Williams slides: Two men with two babies (on couch) (unidentified), 1930s-1992

118. Leola Williams slides: Woman with a child in the yard (unidentified), 1930s-1992

119. Leola Williams slides: Woman with baby sitting (unidentified), 1930s-1992

120. A Lesson in Love with Charlie McCarthy

121. Dixie Dugan

122. Dumb Dora

123. Hairbreadth Harry in The Rescue

124. Harold Teen in Sugar Bowl, by U.R.A. Muffdriver

125. Jean Harlot in A Poor Fit

126. Jeannie Comes in a Bottle

127. Lene Tooney the Smart Boy

128. Maggie in Gay Maid

129. Radio's Kate Smitz

130. The Adventures of a Fuller Brush Man: The Amorous Mrs. Twirp

134. Ethel Williams slides: Elementary school, Williamsburg County, South Carolina, circa 1940-1992

136. Ethel Williams slides: Harry Briggs, Sr., circa 1940-1992

137. Ethel Williams slides: Harry, Eliza, and Harry Briggs, Jr., circa 1940-1992

140. Ethel Williams slides: Levi Byrd and Matthew McCollom, circa 1940-1992

141. Ethel Williams slides: Original petitioners in Briggs case, circa 1940-1992

142. Ethel Williams slides: Septima Clark's mailbox, circa 1940-1992

146. Nodong Sinmun 1945-1999

147. Ernest Henderson slides: Aviation chart, circa 1940s-1992

148. Ernest Henderson slides: Benedict College B.S.: Ernest Henderson, circa 1940s-1992

149. Ernest Henderson slides: Children Ernest Jr., May Ella, Ernestine, circa 1940s-1992

150. Ernest Henderson slides: Cover of Pilot Log, circa 1940s-1992