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101. P&G: Charmin Bath Tissue, 1970s

102. Myron Cope says: Incredible!

103. P&G: Scope Mouthwash, 1970s

104. Weather RCA Matched Components

105. Texaco Service Stations, 1970s

106. Norwich: Pepto-Bismol, 1970s

107. Peter Paul Candy: Peanut Butter with No Jelly Candy Bar, 1970s

108. Phoenix Stay on 60 70

109. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum!

110. Switch to Brian Conner before it's too late.

111. Untitled presentation

112. The Gin of England

113. Birds Eye: Orange Plus, 1970s

114. Beautiful Music KMEO

115. P&G: Crest Toothpaste, 1970s

116. Birds Eye: Orange Plus, 1970s

117. Keep 'em fresh! Ship Southern Pacific

118. Generation gap? never heard of it.

119. Birds Eye: Orange Plus, 1970s

120. Radio 55 KOY Listen!

121. The NOW Year, Folies Bergere

122. New York World's Fair

123. Sara Lee: L'erin Cosmetics, 1970s

124. SC Johnson: Yard Master Spray Foam Insect Killer, 1970s

125. Texaco Fuel Chief, 1970s

126. If you'd like to fly for less, please stand by.

127. Post: Grape-Nuts Cereal, 1970s

128. so's largest-selling Scotch

129. Looking for a plant site? Call Southern Pacific

130. P&G: Charmin Bath Tissue, 1970s

131. General Foods: Brim Decaffeinated Coffee, 1970s


133. Presenting STERLING like no other.

134. The sign of good taste.

135. Generation gap? never heard of it.

136. P&G: Crest Toothpaste, 1970s


138. SC Johnson: Lemon Pledge, 1970s

139. Hasbro: Pyramids Game, 1970s

140. keep us off the streets, KDKA radio station (2 advertisements)

141. Hardee's Biscuits, 1970s

142. AMF: Ben Hogan Golf Equipment, 1970s

143. United States Air Force, 1970s

144. Vicks: NyQuil, 1970s

145. Hasbro: Inchworm, 1970s

146. P&G: Crest Toothpaste, 1970s

147. Our million dollar bonus. It's working.

148. American Cancer Society, 1970s

149. Hasbro: Tumblin Weebles Funhouse, 1970s