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101. "I just made a $1,392 commission!"

103. "I lived in Milwaukee - I ought to know..."

105. "I see you in White Satin... You'll Be Another Woodbury Deb!"

106. "I squeezed a month into a week using the Businessman's Airline"

107. "I took to the air when I found how TWA means business"

108. "I wish I was in Dixie"

109. "I won't let housework tie me down!"

110. "I'd walk a mile for a CAMEL"

111. "I'd walk a mile for a CAMEL"

112. "I'll be Home for Christmas!"

113. "I'm Sure, Sir Lancelot, you'd Travel More Comfortably in Civvies."

114. "I'm a Lot Closer to My Grandchildren... Holiday Time or Any Time - by Flagship!"

115. "I'm all over the map at once"

116. "I'm closing sales in one interview!"

117. "I'm coming to visit you... all alone!"

118. "I'm looking around for my boy"

119. "I've tried them all - give me CAMELS"

120. "I've tried them all -- give me Camels"

121. "I've tried them all -- give me Camels"

122. "I've tried them all -- give me Camels"

124. "In 3 Minutes this Simple Test Showed us How to buy a Radio-Phonograph

125. "In Perfect Love" Another Woodbury Deb Marries

126. "In the Pink" from Dorothy Gray

127. "In the Pink" with Dorothy Gray

129. "It Happens On Ice"

130. "It's F. N.-The Test For Men!

131. "It's a Cinch to Make"

132. "It's a Cinch to make"

133. "It's a Cinch"

134. "It's a Palo Verde Melon Ma'am"

135. "It's a Philco-just plug in and play!"

136. "It's the prettiest, springiest, youngest shade"

138. "Jeris Wins my Thanks for the Wonders it Works on My Hair and Scalp"

139. "Like You, Sir Walter, We've Spread Our Mantle Over Water."

140. "Look At These Low Fares!"

141. "Look Mother - downstairs, too!"

142. "Look what I'm serving for dinner today"

144. "Lot of truth in that saying!"

145. "M-m-m-m!" is for Magnavox

146. "Magnificent beyond description. Without question, my Fisher surpasses anything I have ever heard!"

147. "Maid" for busy housewives; Leaves a fragrance of the Pines; A better Household Cleaner

148. "Mary, Harding's Elected!"

149. "Meds 'safety well' gives extra protection!"

150. "Meds internal protection is so comfortable!"