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101. Various Headlines from War Posters

102. New Square Cream-Top Bottle Saves Refrigerator Space Roberts Milk

103. Survey in Columbus. SOHIO X-70 first choice for MILEAGE!

104. Always Sail With

106. For Men and Women

107. Keep FIT this summer

108. 1000 Units Vitamin B1 Candy


110. Buy Defense Bonds Stamps

111. Keep what you have safe!

112. Loans

113. Political campaign, Electric power (2 advertisements)

114. Be thrifty - buy the QUART

115. You'll enjoy Rheinlander. The Beer everybody likes

116. Along About Sundown

117. Untitled

118. So Much for so Little

119. Untitled

120. keep 'em flying

121. Come on Folks, RELAX! Ride the MERCURY

122. Mr. and Mrs. leads the Easter Style Parade

123. You'll be Happier with GIFTS from

124. Picked with Energy and love for Baby's Health

125. Untitled

126. Make um wise move

127. Gifts mean more from

128. Best You Can Buy!

129. They Deserve An American Made Elgin

131. "It Happens On Ice"

132. America's Finest Housing Development

134. Quality you can taste!

135. The Magic of the Supercharger Brought to the Lower-Price Field!

136. The Majority Rules

137. Various Headlines from War Posters

138. Oh Boy! It's a

139. a thousand tender words in one

140. The Northwest Drinks More Schmidt's City Club Than Any Other Beer

141. Where there is LIFE, there's Acme

142. Various Headlines from War Posters

145. Biggest Pay Check I ever got!

146. August Fur Sale

147. 1000 Units Vitamin B1 Candy

148. For War Time Economy - Get Dependable Service for DODGE PLYMOUTH and Dodge Trucks

149. Various Headlines from Marine Posters

150. More Safe Miles