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101. Bland family papers

102. Blind girl to her harp

103. Boyles family papers

104. Branner Easterly papers

106. Bristol Branch of the Navy League.

107. Bristol Branch of the Navy League.

108. Bristol Branch of the Navy League.

109. Brown & Schaeffer's annual grand opening of holiday goods

110. Brown's Warehouse

112. Burrow family papers

113. Burwell family papers

114. C. P. Herring, cassimere & woolen goods

115. C. W. Cammack papers

116. Cabin-style doctor's bag with original contents, 1880s-1930s

117. Capon Springs & Baths

118. Card seeking sales agents

119. Carlisle's Patent for Repairing Cotton and Wool Cards

120. Carry Me back to Old Virginny

121. Carter Braxton papers

122. Cast of bound foot with embroidered Chinese shoe, 19th century

124. Cedar Grove Cemetery

126. Charles Anderson Dana papers

127. Charles Butler papers

128. Charles Deane papers

129. Charles Duffy papers

130. Charles F. Deems papers

131. Charles Gayarré papers

132. Charles H. Booth letters

133. Charles L. Davis

134. Charles M. Anderson papers

135. Charles William Eliot papers

136. Charles-Edouard Brown-Séquard papers, 1871-1889, and undated.

137. Charlotte Marble Yard

141. Chinese Buddhistic worship in San Francisco

142. Chinese diagnostic doll, 19th century?

143. Chinese diagnostic doll, late 19th century

144. Circular no. 296 Treasury Department, Office of Internal Revenue

145. Clement A. Evans papers

148. Clown Tin Tobacco Tag.

149. Clydesdale, one of the finest horses in the state