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41. " Obesession" Liisa Phillips

42. " To Almost Anywhere But Brobdingnag, Dean Swift..."

43. " color's right" Hite Phot Dealer

45. "- And be sure it's made with Four Roses whiskey"

46. "-and Butter-Nut Coffee of course"

47. "-but sore throat is only the beginning!"

48. "... but Freddy's such a nice wolf, he has a Barbasol Face!"

49. "... but he doesn't have to be rich, mother. He's got a Barbasol Face!"

50. "...And Worn With The Correct Sock Combination"

51. "...From Every Mountain Side Let Freedom Ring!"

52. "...That These Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain..."

53. "...a necessity for well-groomed Men and Women," says Gypsy Rose Lee

54. "...and give my pup a pat for me"

55. "...and to all a Good Night"

56. "...and to all a Good Night"

57. "...beyond the call of duty..."

58. "...e para o bem de toda a AMÉRICA LATINA"

59. " por el bien de toda la AMÉRICA LATINA"

60. " and my rifle against every Jap on Guadalcanal"