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41. W.W. Corcoran papers

42. A large and well assorted stock of surgical instruments

43. Sidney S. Champion papers, 1838-1907.

44. Amelia Ball Coppuck Welby papers

45. The laws of Erskine College.

46. William Cullen Bryant papers

47. Charles Duffy papers

49. G.M. Talbott & Bro., proprietors of Hynes House livery stable

50. Richard Beverly Frayser papers

51. Archibald H. Boyd papers

52. Henry S. Clarke family papers

53. Burrow family papers

54. James O. Coghill papers

55. Richard M. Bolling papers

56. Jeremiah B. Ellis papers

57. Golden Jubilee Number! North Carolina University Magazine

58. Elizabeth Beauchamp letters

59. Henry T. Connally: The Faithful Steward

60. George Bancroft letters