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4983. There are 28.3 grams in an ounce. (Think metric)

4984. Get your new [S&H Green] Stamp Catalog today!

4985. Untitled

4986. Untitled

4987. Untitled

4988. Wesson Oil for salads and cooking

4989. Plant Now, Harvest at 4.8%

4991. Join the Carstairs Crowd.

4992. Chesterfield cigarettes

4993. where there's life...ther's Bud Sale! Half Quarts

4994. Clicquot Club Ginger Ale

4995. James Brenner Co. Diamond Jewelers

4996. Smart Angels SHOP UPTOWN PLAZA

4997. Untitled Presentation


4999. Untitled presentation

5000. Walp's Penna. Dutch Food