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4981. Lease agreement for the rental of Maria, an enslaved woman, 1853 December 27 :manuscript.

4982. Jeremiah Clemens papers

4983. Martha Foster Crawford diary [typed copy], 1853-1854, evaluation by Thomas E. Lafargue

4984. Martha Foster Crawford diary, 1853-1854, and loose items from pocket of diary

4985. Baron Hugh Charles Clifford papers

4986. John Buie letters

4987. Major Bell letters

4988. William Alderman papers

4989. William Robert Bond papers

4990. Leroy Chappell papers

4991. Mary E. Craig papers

4992. William Engles papers

4993. John Allen Account book

4994. Francis J. Townshend papers, 1853-1895

4996. Arkansas traveller with variations; Opus 415

4997. Bell Brandon

4998. Carta del señor Pio IX.

4999. Cockade City quick-step