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4981. Hazel dell

4982. I cannot call her Mother

4983. Interior of the House of Representatives in 1854, Harrisburg.

4984. It is enough; Elijah

4985. John Ashmead papers

4988. Lucrezia; Lucrezia Borgia

4989. Mechanics' Institute School

4990. Papers, 1854

4991. Paris Spring Millinery

4992. Philadelphia & Savannah Steamship Line

4993. Rainbow schottisch

4994. Rural Empire Club, established in 1854.

4996. Senate Chamber, Harrisburg (Pa.)

4997. Si la stanchezza m'opprime; Here let me rest now; Il Travatore; Si la stanchezza

4998. Solitude sweetened; Lady mine! lady mine!; Op. 419

4999. South-Western Book Store Dissolution